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Tradition or Truth
Today amongst Christendom, divisions over doctrines and traditions are frowned upon. Unity is desired over truth, but Truth must be desired over unity. All Christians must be prepared, no matter how high the cost, to confront false teachings wherever they find it, so that many who have a zeal for God can discover the true righteousness available in Jesus Christ This book is prepared with the prayer that Catholics will see the errors of the Church of Rome and turn to Jesus Christ alone. Also that Protestants will be made aware of the dangers of the ecumenical movement that is seeking to bring all churches together in a last-days world church.

Notes on the Epistles to the ThessaloniansPaul indicates that only Church-age saints will be caught up at the Rapture. The souls of all who “sleep in Jesus” will God bring with Him and the dead “in Christ” shall rise first! (1Thess.4:14, 16).These epistles give needed comfort as we draw near to the end of the Age.

The Basics of Bible Prophecy
Download this resource for a great overview of Biblical prophecy, including the seven dispensations.
Basics in Bible Prophecy (Chinese Edition)
Basics in Bible Prophecy (Spanish Edition)
Basics in Bible Prophecy (Africaans Edition)
The Big Picture of Daniel
The Old Testament book of Daniel, penned over 2,500 years ago, is often considered the counterpart of the final book in the Bible, the REVELATION. In fact, in the study of Biblical prophecy one cannot be fully understood without the other. Daniel, the major book of prophecy in the Old Testament, and Revelation in the New Testament complement each other and relate powerfully to our contemporary times.
Seventh Day Adventism – Weighed and Found Wanting
Seventh Day Adventism is a recent arrival on the scene of Christendom.
It’s teaching was the result of an awful blunder by William Miller who, using the year/day theory, claimed to have discovered from Scripture that Christ would return in 1843 or 1844.
This book weighs the teaching of Seventh Day Adventism against the established facts of history and the Word of God.
Amillennialism – Weighed and Found Wanting
80 pages of investigation and exposure of the three main pillars of amillennial teaching. They are: 1) Spiritualizing Scripture, 2) Replacement theology, 3) A General Resurrection.We don’t know of any book on the market that exposes the dangers of amillennial teaching in the same manner. It is easy to read and is well illustrated.
Preterism – Weighed and Found Wanting
Preterism is a radical departure from what the Bible teaches and what Christians have believed over the centuries about the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is a perfect example of how far from the truth men can drift when they get a fixation one seemingly small detail of Scripture.
The Big Picture of Church History
The study of the seven letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation is not only a message to seven historical churches that existed in Asia Minor at the time of the Apostle John. But this booklet will also show that these churches were a picture of the way in which the church will develop in this age of grace.The study will take you from the Apostolic Church of John’s day, and concludes with the Apostate Church.
The Book of the Twelve
Another great free resource from Herald of Hope: The Book of the Twelve. Covering the writings of the twelve minor prophets.
Tongues Shall Cease
The practice of speaking in Charismatic tongues has divided Christians and been the subject of controversy in the Church ever since the practice began about 1900. Two issues arise; the first is whether the modern tongues experience agrees with the experience of the early Church as described in the New Testament, and the second is whether the sign gifts ceased with the passing of the Apostolic Age.
Beyond the Grave
This book briefly traces what men have believed about the unknown, unseen world into which they pass after death. It also examines what individuals in the Bible believed about life after death, beginning with Adam, Enoch, Job, Abraham


Has been produced to assist believers in having a literal approach to Biblical history and prophecy. This book seeks to trace the hand of Almighty God in human history from ETERNITY PAST to ETERNITY FUTURE in the Bible.

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