John Ecob

“…he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with
shouting, crying, Grace, grace unto it.” (Zechariah 4:7)

Grace brings God’s mercy we do not deserve,
It unleashes God’s love without a reserve.
Grace can’t be earned, the price is too high
Our works are all futile I shan’t even try.
Grace has been purchased, the price has been paid,
The Saviour has suffered, atonement is made.

Grace calls the sinner before he has thought
He needed a Saviour or even was taught.
Grace troubles the heart of those living in sin
And shows they are powerless the vict’ry to win.
But Grace offers life with strength to endure
To all who in faith salvation secure.

Grace leads the way till journey doth end,
And keeps us company like a faithful friend.
Grace never will leave us not even one day,
No matter the trial or how tough the way.
Grace knows the path and what is the best
And never will fail to bring us God’s rest.

Grace opens the door to heaven above
And assures the believer of eternal love.
Grace has prepared a mansion sublime,
An inheritance for us at the end of time.
Grace has appointed the company we’ll keep
Where no one will suffer or sorrow or sleep.

Oh who is the One who offers this grace?
How could He love such a poor fallen race?
Why would He leave the glories of heaven
And dwell among men with hearts full of leaven?
There’s only one answer we must now admit,
Grace has redeemed us, for heaven made fit.