John Ecob 

THE WAR in Ukraine is having an enormous impact on the whole of Europe  and has changed the direction of foreign policy in the EU. It is causing the  members of the EU to boost security to such an extent that one can foresee  the EU becoming the major military power in the world. 

When Ukraine becomes a member of the EU the population of Europe will be  almost a half a billion of developed people and whereas before the Ukraine  war, those countries allowed the US to take care of security, now they are  determined to boost their own arms industries such that they could equal the  US, China and Russia. Also they are leaning toward Israel for technology. 

Germany is well known for its engineering expertise and has used it in two  world wars. Under the flag of the EU, Germany can now draw on the resources  of nearly 30 countries and whereas a few years ago the EU was flirting with  Communist Russia, she now sees Russia as an enemy. The war in Ukraine is  reshaping Europe’s foreign policy and defense industries. 

Germany has just doubled its defense budget and is ramping up its  manufacturing capability to produce high-tech military equipment. In fact  all the nations of Europe are uniting to increase manufacture of defense  equipment to fill their arsenals in preparation for WWIII or what the Bible  calls the Great Tribulation. When Antichrist appears at the mid-point of the  Tribulation, men will say, 

“Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?” (Rev.13:4). The EU is the revived Roman Empire of Bible prophecy and whereas in the  past, Europe has consisted of many independent nations, scripture indicates  that in the last days there will be structural changes in the political system and  there will be “ten kings” or rulers who  receive power as kings with the Beast…and give their power and strength to  the Beast” (Rev.17:12-13). 

The wording of this scripture is most significant. These ten kings “receive  power with the Beast”. How this occurs is not mentioned. Whether it is by  elections, rigged or otherwise, or by appointment we are not told. However it  sounds as though a central Government person or body will appoint “the ten”  who then become subservient to the one who appointed them. It certainly  sounds like politics with a pay-back for favours. 

In business it is often said, “There is no such thing as a free luncheon.” Obviously the Beast must wield tremendous power and authority in order to  be able to appoint the ten and then to receive their allegiance. Also, the Beast must have a powerful military machine. After the Arab nations  are weakened, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Libya and Sudan decimated in Israel and  the Kings of the East slaughtered in the Great Asian War, of the first half of the  Tribulation, the Beast will reign supreme and the Revived Roman Empire will  rule the world. Nobody will be able to make war with him. The arms build-up  in Europe is a sign we are in the last days!