At the time of writing there has sadly been 102 deaths in Australia due to the Coronavirus. NSW has had the most deaths with 48 people dying, whilst the Northern Territory has had no fatalities from the disease.

The Corona Virus had reached Australia on January 25th 2020 with a man returning from Wuhan who had tested positive for the virus and then Australian borders were closed to all non-residents on March 20th. The virus has caused the temporary closure of many businesses, universities and some schools in Australia with extreme social distancing and lockdown rules being put into place. Unfortunately some businesses may never recover from their enforced closures and there will be families that lose their homes as a result of high levels of unemployment. The Australian Government looks as though they will run up a debt of over $200 billion dollars due to the virus and the imposed lockdowns.

When we examine the United States we find that there has been over 99,000 deaths presumed to be caused by the virus. The USA has passed a $2 Trillion coronavirus aid bill to help workers and businesses through the pandemic and has seen 33 million people in America file for unemployment benefits amid the crisis.

Unemployment in the USA and in Britain may end up being worse than that of the Great Depression and Australia may see more than 1 million workers losing their jobs by November. ( Australia looks at the current death rate over a period of less than four months since the Pandemic began then possibly we could expect 300 deaths in a one year period from the virus if there is no sharp rise in the death toll.

It is tragic that we have lost lives in Australia and around the world due to the virus but perhaps we need to take a reality check at this time.

If we take a conservative estimate almost 6000 people die from alcohol related deaths in Australia which is about one person every 90 minutes and tobacco use is linked to 20,000 deaths per year. Worse than that in NSW from July 2018-June 2019 there were over 20,000 abortions in the state. In a report by the ABC it is estimated that there are 65,000 abortions in Australia each year. (

When you combine the estimates of alcohol/tobacco related deaths and abortions, without taking into account the death toll from illegal drugs in Australia then around 91,000 people are losing their lives annually which equates to about 250 people dying each day unnecessarily from alcohol, tobacco and abortion. In contrast if the corona virus death rate does not decline then we may lose 1.21 people each day over a year.In the United States approximately 88,000 deaths are alcohol related annually and there are 480,000 tobacco related deaths and in 2018 there were 870,000 abortions. The total unnecessary deaths in the United States is in excess of 1.4 million each year without taking into account drug related deaths.Perhaps our government should be sounding the alarm in relation to the far worse pandemics that plague Australians. Alcohol, abortion, drugs and smoking is taking the lives of more than 93,000 Australians every year, whereas around 94,500 Australians were killed in all the conflicts of WWI, WWII and the Vietnam War combined.One of the many measures that the Government has done is to close Churches and even bible studies as a result of the virus but bottle shops and abortion clinics remain open. In fact the majority of state health departments have granted exemptions to abortionists from travel restrictions across state boarders so they can perform their services.

One abortion clinic in Australia states on their website. “We are an essential service and will continue to provide termination of pregnancy services.” They also advertise: Medical abortion by phone (tele-abortion) , “Abortion by phone provides a safe and private way to terminate an early pregnancy…” (

Why is it in Australia that Churches that have provided spiritual care and numerous welfare programs for over two centuries were not essential to remain open and yet bottle shops and abortion clinics remained open as essential services?

The Corona Virus panic is also resulting in increased Government control and law enforcement and restrictions on freedom as citizens around the globe come under escalated surveillance monitoring. China now has millions of face recognition cameras and can even monitor its citizen’s temperatures in crowds by the Police wearing special biometric face scanning helmets.The Coronavirus has resulted in an increased push towards globalism. The Chinese Ambassador to the United States has called for “a new system of international governance.” (China Today, April 13th 2020)

At the Vatican, Pope Francis has called for global solidarity to fight the coronavirus crisis. ( April 12th 2020)

The United Nations Secretary General, wants 10% of the annual income of the entire planet to go towards a COVID-19 Response & Recovery Fund. If the nations of the world agreed to his plan then the UN or similar agency would receive 8.7 trillion USD annually, 2900 times greater than the UN’s present annual budget. (Life Site News April 1st 2020)

Peter Koenig writes, “After the pandemic has been officially declared, the next step may be – also at the recommendation either by WHO, or individual countries, “force vaccination”, under police and/or military surveillance. Those who refuse may be penalized (fines and / or jail – and force-vaccinated all the same)…It would be easy for the EU and US authorities to impose a military stage of siege for “health protection” of the people Another hypothesis, at this point only a hypothesis, but a realistic one, is that along with the vaccination – if not with this one, then possibly with a later one, a nano-chip may be injected, unknown to the person being vaccinated. The chip may be remotely charged with all your personal data, including bank accounts – digital money. (Global Research, March 12, 2020)

It is interesting that Bill Gates has proposed a digital certificate for individuals proving that they have been vaccinated for Corona Virus (April 9th 2020, Life Site News).
It should be noted that we now have the establishment of the ID 2020 organization. This group is an alliance of The Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, Gavi (A global vaccine alliance) and others whom have come together to work in cooperation with the United Nations to guide the future of global digital identity. (See

The Bible indicates that there will be a future one world government that will introduce a one world identification system. Satan has a goal of globalism which will be achieved with the coming rule of the Anti-Christ (Dan 7:23). Under the reign of the Anti-Christ no one will be able to buy and sell unless they receive the mark of the Beast. (Rev 3:16-18)

The Antichrist will come to a world that is in turmoil. He comes as a false Messiah (John 5:43) and when he enters the world he will initially present himself as a peacemaker (Rev 6:1-2). Millions will gladly receive the Anti-Christ as their deliverer from a world that is experiencing great catastrophes.

I believe that evil forces could use the present Corona Virus for their globalist control of every country and to set the stage to for complete financial chaos of nations in preparation for the coming Antichrist and his deceptive reign.

The Corona Virus is just one of a number of problems in our world that could bring devastating consequences. The Congo is struggling with the second largest Ebola outbreak in history with 15.9 million people requiring humanitarian assistance and there are around 800 million people in the world that are currently experiencing food shortages. Hundreds of billions of locusts have swarmed through East Africa and parts of Asia devastating the agriculture sector. Israel is surrounded by enemies and the war in Syria has created 5.7 million refugees and Islamic nations want world conquest. Once God fearing nations, have now turned from the Lord, abandoned the bible and are sinking in sin and in numbers of churches there are apostates in the pulpit and apathy in the pews. According to the Bible things are going to get worse and worse leading up to the return of Jesus Christ.

This time of great uncertainty affords believers the opportunity to share the blessed hope that we have with those that look with fear on a world that is rapidly changing for the worse.

May 1940 was a time of crisis for the British Empire. England’s troops were facing imminent defeat at Dunkirk at the hands of the Germans. If the troops had been slaughtered then Britain could have fallen. Thankfully King George VI called for a National Day of Prayer on Sunday 26th May. In a broadcast the King called Britain to commit the situation to the Lord. The King attended Westminster Abbey with members of Parliament to pray whilst millions of others flocked to local churches to pray.

After this three amazing miracles happened. Hitler halted the advance of his armoured columns, a mammoth storm grounded the German Luftwaffe Squadrons and despite the storm a great calm came over the English Channel that enabled a vast armada of big and little vessels to rescue the British Armed Forces. A nation and even the world was spared from the evil advance of Hitler’s reign.The world’s leaders could take a lesson from Dunkirk, but sadly as yet, we’ve not heard a call to prayer from any that are in power and our Churches are closed whilst our bottle shops and abortion clinics are opened.

Surely: “… the whole world lieth in wickedness”. (1 John 5:19

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