John Ecob

No nation on earth has been hated,  hounded and horribly treated like the  nation of Israel and there is a reason. 

The Bible says that the heart of man  is deceitful above all things and  desperately wicked. The natural  condition of the human heart, untouched  by the grace of God is evil, and since all  sin is against a Holy God it is natural that  men should show no sympathy for those  who represent a Holy God and herein  lies the reason for antisemitism. 

It is not because the Jews are a holy  people for they committed the greatest  crime ever when they crucified the Lord  of glory but it is because they are God’s  elect and chosen nation to communicate  Truth to the world.  

About 2000BC God chose a Godly  man, Abraham, and promised that his  descendants would be given the land  of Canaan located at the centre of the  three great continents. God promised  to bless Abraham’s descendants and to  make them a great nation. They would  be God’s representative people on earth  through whom He would communicate  the Truth to all mankind. 

Within that nation God raised up  prophets, “holy men of God” who spoke  the Word of God received audibly or by  visions and these words of God were  recorded in what became known as the  scriptures of truth. 

To that nation God performed great  signs and wonders which He never  performed to other nations. When He  brought Israel out of the land of Egypt  about 1500BC the land of Egypt was  

punished with ten plagues, the Red Sea  parted to allow Israel to escape and  Pharaoh with his army perished. 

For 40 years God sustained about 2  million people in the wilderness and  then dried up the Jordan River to allow  them to cross into the promised land. 

After Israel left Egypt God revealed  Himself in fire on Mount Sinai and gave  to Moses His perfect moral and spiritual  law for all mankind so that Moses  reminded the people: 

“Did ever people hear the voice of God  speaking out of the midst of the fire, as  thou hast heard, and live? Or hath God  assayed to go and take him a nation  

from the midst of another nation, by  temptations, by signs, and by wonders,  and by war, and by a mighty hand, and  by a stretched out arm, and by great  terrors, according to all that the LORD  your God did for you in Egypt before  your eyes? Unto thee it was shewed,  that thou mightest know that the  LORD he is God; there is none else  beside him” (Deut.4:33-35). 

Other nations have had their gods and  false prophets and some have recorded  their prophets in so called “holy books”  but these are Satan’s attempt to  immitate the truth of the Creator God.  Satan has also sought to destroy Israel.  If Satan could cause the Jews to cease  to exist he would have frustrated all the  purposes of God for God has revealed  that He intends to ultimately establish  His kingdom on earth and Israel will be  the leader among the nations. 

Israel has not been a perfect nation.  Again and again they have turned to  the worship of heathen gods and again  and again God has chastened them by  allowing heathen nations to invade their  land, to take them captive and scatter  them across the globe.

In fact, when they began as a nation, God  told them what would happen to them  if they were unfaithful. He said they  would be invaded, taken captive and  their life would hang in doubt while they  were persecuted among the nations. So  severe would the persecution be that  they would be reduced and become  “few in number”. 

When Israel rejected Messiah the  Romans were sent in AD70 to destroy  Jerusalem and to scatter the people.  God put the Jews aside as His people  on earth for a season and turned to  the Gentiles so that for the past 2,000  years He has been working through the  Church of Jesus Christ to make known  the Truth. At the beginning of this Church  age God used the last of the Jewish  prophets to complete Divine Revelation.  The Apostle John was the last in AD96  to record the Holy Scriptures. 

When the Church age began, the early  Church was a holy company of people  but as the centuries rolled by it became  corrupted as men added traditions to  Scripture and abandoned the Word of  God. Today there is a remnant of true  believers who stand by the Word of God  alone and who know the grace of God  in truth. 

Christendom is getting ripe for judgment  and the time of Christ’s return is drawing  near. More and more, Christendom  is abandoning the moral standards  of God’s law and many have long  abandoned the Gospel of redeeming  grace by substituting a works-based  salvation. Yet God in grace is still  working by His Spirit today drawing  sinners to Christ, convicting of sin and  completing the Body of Christ. When  that number has come in, all those who  have trusted Christ for salvation will be  Raptured and God will again deal with  the world through the nation of Israel.  

Paul wrote: 

“For I would not, brethren, that ye  should be ignorant of this mystery,  lest ye should be wise in your own  

conceits; that blindness in part is  happened to Israel, until the fulness  of the Gentiles be come in. And  so all Israel shall be saved: as it is  written, There shall come out of Sion  the Deliverer, and shall turn away  ungodliness from Jacob: For this is my  covenant unto them, when I shall take  away their sins” (Rom11:25-27). 

The salvation of Israel will occur after the Christians have been raptured. It  will occur in a time that the Bible calls  “the time of Jacob’s trouble” and that  Jesus called “great tribulation”. Daniel  prophesied that it would be a period of  7 years. 

Immediately after the Christians have  been raptured there will be 144,000  Jewish men world-wide who will repent  and turn to Jesus Christ. These will  preach the Gospel of the Kingdom “in  all the world” until they are martyred  halfway through the 7 years of tribulation. 

During the first half of the 7-year  Tribulation, Israel will be invaded by  Russia and her Islamic allies; Iran, Turkey,  Libya and Sudan. But the prophets Joel  and Ezekiel tell us that this invasion will  cause the Jews to turn to Jesus Christ.  No doubt the preaching of the 144,000  will be influencial.  

During the second half of the 7-year  Tribulation Antichrist will rule the world  as head of the revived Roman Empire.  Other great powers in Asia and the isles  will suffer terrible destruction during the  first half of the Tribulation and at the  mid-point Antichrist will be welcomed as  a world saviour and benefactor. There  will be a one-world government during  the second half of the Tribulation but

Immediately after the tribulation of  those days shall the sun be darkened,  and the moon shall not give her light,  and the stars shall fall from heaven,  and the powers of the heavens shall  be shaken: And then shall appear  the sign of the Son of man in heaven:  and then shall all the tribes of the  earth mourn, and they shall see the  Son of man coming in the clouds of  heaven with power and great glory”  (Matt.24:29-30). 

Antichrist’s aim will be to destroy Israel  for Israel will again be God’s witness on  earth. Antichrist will occupy Jerusalem  and the rebuilt Jewish temple and set  up his idol with supernatural powers to  deceive the world. The Jewish remnant  will fight back and God will preserve  them for the last half of the Tribulation. 

The climax of history however will come  and Christ will return in glory and power  with all the angels of heaven. Antichrist  will be slain and cast into the lake of fire;  Satan will be bound for 1,000 years in  the bottomless pit and Christ will reign  with His people Israel from Jerusalem. 

At the beginning of Christ’s 1,000-year  reign all who survive the Tribulation will  appear before Christ and He will divide  the “sheep” from the “goats”. The  “sheep” are those Gentiles who trust  Christ during the Tribulation and the  “goats” are those who receive the “mark  of the Beast” and worshipped his image. 

The “goats” go away into “everlasting  fire prepared for the devil and his  angels” but the “sheep”, “inherit the  kingdom”. This division of peoples will  occur 75 days after the Lord returns. 

The Kingdom of Christ will begin with  a greatly reduced population for Jesus  said, 

except those days should be  

shortened, there should no flesh be  saved” (Matt.24:22). 

All who enter Christ’s kingdom will be  believers who responded to the Gospel  of Christ during the Tribulation. The  entire surviving nation of Israel will turn  to Christ 

“And they shall teach no more every  man his neighbor, and every man his  brother, saying, Know the LORD: for  they shall all know me, from the least  of them unto the greatest of them,  saith the LORD: for I will forgive their  iniquity, and I will remember their sin  no more” (Jer.31:34). 

It is hard to contemplate a world with no  unbelievers; a world where every living  person loves the Lord and His people  Israel. For the first time in history there  will be absolutely no antisemitism and  the nation of Israel will be honoured to  take the first place among all nations of  the world. 

We know from scripture that the Gentile  nations who survive the Tribulation will  assist the Jews to return to the land that  God gave to Abraham. Isaiah states: 

“Who are these that fly as a cloud,  and as the doves to their windows?  Surely the isles shall wait for me, and  the ships of Tarshish first, to bring thy  sons from far, their silver and their  gold with them…” (Isa.60:8-9). 

“the sons of strangers (Gentiles) shall  build up thy walls, and their kings  shall minister unto thee” (Isa.60:10). “Thou shalt also suck the milk of the  Gentiles … and thou shalt know that  I the LORD am thy Saviour and thy  Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.  For brass I will bring gold, and for iron  I will bring silver, and for wood brass,  and for stones iron…” (Isa.60:16-17). “The LORD shall be unto thee an  everlasting light, and thy God thy 

glory. Thy sun shall no more go down;  neither shall thy moon withdraw itself:  for the LORD shall be thine everlasting  light, and the days of thy mourning  shall be ended” (Isa.60:19-20). 

Antichrist’s one-world government will  be destroyed and “the Lord shall be  King over all the earth: in that day there  shall be one LORD and His name one” (Zech.14:9). 

Jerusalem will be illuminated by the  glory of God that shines above a new  Temple built to the specifications given  to Ezekiel the prophet. 

Instead of antisemitism, Jews will be  held in high esteem as Zechariah wrote:  “Many people and strong nations  shall come to seek the LORD of hosts  in Jerusalem, and to pray before the  LORD. Thus saith the LORD of hosts;  In those days it shall come to pass,  that ten men shall take hold out of all  languages of the nations, even shall  take hold of the skirt of him that is a  Jew, saying, We will go with you: for  we have heard that God is with you”  (Zech.8:22-23). 

Jerusalem will be the centre of world  government and trade. Jews will be  Godly people ruling the world under the  King of kings; our Lord Jesus Christ, and  the law of the Lord will be administered  by them. Thus we read, 

“ye shall be named the Priests of the  LORD: men shall call you the Ministers  of our God: ye shall eat the riches of  the Gentiles” (Isa.61:6). 

The world capital in Christ’s kingdom  will be at Jerusalem and wars will cease when Christ reigns. Isaiah wrote: 

“In the last days, that the mountain of  the LORD’s house shall be established  in the top of the mountains,… all  nations shall flow unto it. And many  

people shall go and say … we will  walk in His paths: for out of Zion shall  go forth the law, and the word of the  LORD from Jerusalem. And he shall  judge among the nations, and shall  rebuke many people: and they shall  beat their swords into plowshares,  and their spears into pruninghooks:  nation shall not lift up sword against  nation, neither shall they learn war  any more” (Isa.2:2-4). 

Even the animal creation will be at peace  as it was before the great Flood and in  Eden. 

“The wolf also shall dwell with the  lamb, and the leopard shall lie down  with the kid; and the calf and the  young lion and the fatling together;  and a little child shall lead them”  (Isa.11:6). 

So when we pray the Lord’s prayer just  remember what you are praying for when  you say, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will  be done in earth as it is in heaven.” You  are praying for the soon return of Christ  and the establishment of His everlasting  kingdom. Christ came the first time to die  for the sins of the world but He is coming  a second time to receive the glory of  His kingdom and the adoration of His  subjects. 

The Old Tesament saints are already  with Christ; the Church-age saints will  be raptured before the Tribulation; the  Tribulation martyrs will be raised at the  coming of the Lord and the Kingdom  saints will be raised at the end of Christ’s  1,000-years reign. 

Will you be there? You can if only you  turn from sin to the Saviour of sinners and  invite Him into you heart.