Paul Johnson

The Rapture’s past, the Church has gone, and I  am left behind, 

I should have listened to God’s Word eternal life  to find. 

But still there’s hope if I will seek God’s mercy  and His love, 

And even if my life is lost I’ll be with Him above. 

The days of Noah now are here and men’s hearts  fail for fear. 

God is forsaken, morals gone, there’s no  repentant tear. 

What we have known as evil, is now regarded  right. 

What we have known as good is lost; and all has  taken flight. 

The seas are getting rougher, the gun’s of war  are booming. 

The sun and moon are changing, the threat of  death is looming. 

Across the world are fearful scenes, the world its  ground is shaking. 

The places once we thought were safe, with  force they now are quaking. 

Disease is running rampant, all countries are  assailed, 

No hope for those who now are sick and vaccines  all have failed. 

Banks of the world are crashing and cash will  soon be taken; 

The Private Funds and Super Schemes of many  now forsaken. 

Chaos, confusion, heartache and pain, are now  the daily norm; 

Powerful men, who strut the stage, don’t govern,  just perform. 

And we are told that all is fine, just do as you are  told 

For you’ll be given all of you need, obey, or you’ll  be sold. 

Yet men all know it is not true, naught but a fraud  and lie, 

The poor are down upon their knees, their minds  now claw the sky. 

What can they do? Where can they go? and what  

becomes of me? 

All around me falls to ground, and debris I can  see. 

There’s confusion in the cities, as earthquakes  shake the world; 

Darkness descends upon us, as judgments are  unfurled. 

We know that one had warned us, about the  coming end, 

But we had been too busy to listen or to bend. 

Chaos is now upon us and fear, it reigns supreme And all the things we thought were true have  gone as tho’ a dream. 

The Man of Sin has offered peace, that earthly  god-like one, 

His lies, deceit and promises have left us all  undone. 

Rising up as tyrant, no longer this world’s friend Now demanding everyone, the world on him  depend. 

He wanted to be worshipped, he wanted to be  king, 

He wanted all on bended knee before his throne  to bend! 

But woe to those that do not yield, that do not  bend the knee, 

Ushered into cattled trucks, a spectacle so to  see. 

And then there comes the guillotine, and heads  begin to roll, 

The fate of all the faithful ones, who wouldn’t sell  their soul. 

The world is now divided, for them that’s lost or  found, 

But soon the one that warned them all, will stand  upon the ground. 

The Lord Himself will be the judge and sit upon  the throne; 

The sheep will enter kingdom bliss and not be  left alone. 

The goats are those who dared to take the mark  upon their hand, 

And they will fail to be with Christ or occupy His  land. 

The lake of fire will be their place for all eternity With Satan and his hosts in hell for ever they will  be.