MASADA was located on a plateau that  rose 1,300 feet above the Dead Sea and  was located on the west side of it. Here  between 37BC and 31BC Herod the  Great built two palaces and many store  houses, military barracks, an armoury  and underground water storages. 

Jewish rebels occupied Masada in AD66  and about 1,000 Jews were besiege  there between AD72 and AD73. The  seige ended with a mass suicide. 

During excavations of Masada in the  mid 1960’s a nunber of date seeds were  discovered and in 2005 several of these  seeds were given to Dr Solowey who  successfully had one seed germinate  which she called Methuselah. The  problem was that the tree was a male and there were no female trees to fertilize it in order to produce fruit. 

But when more seeds were found and these germinated they were found to be female trees and now the trees are pollenating and bearing fruit. By 2021 there are multiple thriving male and female date palms  grown from ancient seeds and these  will be used for further investigation  scientifically and commercially. 

In the first chapter of the Bible we read: “God said, Let the earth bring forth …  the fruit tree yielding fruit after his  kind, whose seed is in itself, upon  the earth: and it was so” (Gen.1:11).  

It is amazing that the date seeds  could spring forth into life after 2,000  years lying dorment on the historic  site at Masada. These seeds are like  the nation of Israel. Israel ceased to  function nearly 2,000 years ago and  has been scattered across the nations. 

Ezekiel describe them as a valley full of  dry bones but when he prophesied, the  bones came together. He prophesied  again and flesh came on the bones.  Finally when he prophesied to the bones  the life of God came into the carcases  and they stood up, “an exceeding great  army.” (Ezek.37:10). 



We are left in no doubt what the  prophecy meant for God said to Ezekiel  “Son of man, these bones are the  whole house of Israel: behold, they  say, Our bones are dried, and our  hope is lost: we are cut off for our  parts… And shall put my spirit in you,  and ye shall live, and I shall place  you in your own land: then shall ye  know that I the LORD have spoken  it, and performed it, saith the LORD” (Ezek.37:11-14). 

The Methusalah Tree a Picture of  Resurrection 

The Corinthian Church had some  members who denied that the dead  could rise again to life and Paul devoted  a whole chapter to the defense of the  resurrection from the dead. He wrote: 

“some man will say, How are the  dead raised up? and with what body  do they come? Thou fool, that which  thou sowest is not quickened, except  it die: And that which thou sowest,  thou sowest not that body that shall  be, but bare grain, it may chance  of wheat, or of some other grain:  But God giveth it a body as it hath  pleased him, and to every seed his  own body” (1Cor.15:35-38). 

The Church age has been in existence now for 2,000 years and the first of the believers to die has been in the grave as long as the Methuselah Date Palm but when the Rapture comes the dead in Christ will hear the voice of the Son of God and new life will appear. The graves will be opened and the saints will come forth; be caught up to meet the  Lord in the air! 

Methuselah was 3,000 years in the  grave before he came to life with a  resurrection body and rose with Christ.  The Methuselah Date Palm sprouted  nearly 2,000 years after somebody  spat out the seed on Masada. For two  millennia the God-given life was in that  seed waiting for someone to plant and  water it after which it suddenly sprang  forth in new life. 

Resurrection is the greatest proof of  the existence of God and of the Deity  of Jesus Christ. If Jesus did not rise  from the dead our faith would be vain  and there would be absolutely no hope  beyond the grave. 

All religious leaders are dead and  buried. None could say as Jesus did,  “I lay down my life, that I might take it  again. No man taketh it from me, but  I lay it down of myself. I have power  to lay it down, and I have power to  take it again it” (John 10:17-18).  

Jesus said, 

“Because I live. ye shall live also.”

-John Ecob