The Herald of Hope Magazine is proud to reveal our ‘new look’ magazine covers, the first of which will appear in the February 2018 edition.

The Herald of Hope recognises the modern image-based focus and hopes to attract a new generation of readers. But you can be assured the  Bible-based articles that you’ve come to trust over the years will not change.

Each bi-monthly magazine contains 36 pages of relevant Bible teaching pertaining to current events on the world scene.

In addition, a series of books is to be produced and supplied free to subscribers.  The first, entitled The Book of Revelation, is ready to be distributed with the February edition of the magazine.  The second book entitled, The Rapture, is at the printers and will be distributed with the April issue.  These easy-to-read books are written magazine style, and with no more than 60 pages.  They include illustrations, charts, and maps to simplify the message.  The series will provide a fairly comprehensive coverage of Bible prophecy.

Take a look at our new cover on our February 2018 edition, and order a copy for yourself, or a friend, today!