Two new publications are up for grabs in The Herald of Hope website. The publications are now available for perusal – both in digital versions and physical versions.

Check out the two publications below:

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Versions: Manuscripts & 19th Century Critics

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – History of the Greek Text
Chapter 3 – Are the Oldest Manuscripts the Best?
Chapter 4 – How Ancient is the Received Text?
Chapter 5 – What Difference Does it Make?
Chapter 6 – The Biblical Doctrine of Inspiration
Chapter 7 – What 19th Century Critics Believed
Chapter 8 – What Should I Do?

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The Seven Dispensations

68-page booklet covering the importance of Dispensational teaching, and including the following:

The Age of Innocence – from the creation of Adam to the Fall
The Age of Conscience – From the Fall to the Flood
The Age of Human Government – From the Flood to Abram
The Age of Promise – From Abram’s departure from Haran to the Exodus
The Age of Law – From the Exodus to Pentecost
The Church Age – From Pentecost to the Rapture
–The Second Advent of Christ–
The Age of the Kingdom – Christ reigns as King of Kings from Jerusalem for 1,000 years after which the earth is renovated by fire and there is a New Heavens and New Earth for eternity