John R Ecob

Dark clouds are now gathering it’s the Day of the LORD,
The Church has been Raptured and wrath is outpoured,
The door of God’s Heaven has opened and shut,
And the sword of the Lord is ready to cut.

The Lion of Judah, the Lamb on the Throne,
Of Heaven, is worthy and worthy alone,
To take up the roll and open the book,
As angels cry loudly, “Come quickly and look!”

Four horses with riders at first will appear,
And captains of earth fall down in great fear,
One fourth of mankind will come to an end,
As peace is removed and nations contend.

But the rocks and the caves are no hiding place
From the wrath of the Lamb, the God of all Grace,
“Turn, turn from your sin and call on the Lord,”
God’s remnant are crying as wrath is outpoured.

Who then is this remnant from Israel we see,
They’re sealed in their forehead God’s witness to be,
Their message is clear – “The King will return,
Call now upon Him or else you must burn.”

The Arabs are raging – “How dare Israel speak,
The time is now short it’s the 70th week
And Messiah will come to King David’s Throne
All nations must bow as He rules alone.”

Such preaching is hard for Muslims to take,
For if this is true the Koran’s a fake
Then, Allah is something other than God,
And Messiah God’s Son will rule with iron rod.

But all is not lost there’s help from the North
From Meshech and Tubal whose armies come forth,
With Persia and Gomer, Togarmah, Sudan

They descend like a cloud on God’s Holy Land.
But God on His Throne will hear Israel’s cry,
He will not allow, each Jew to die,
The mountains are shaking, fire falls from above,
And Muslim fights Muslim in absence of love.

The battle is over –, one sixth in retreat,
For God is the victor in this great defeat,
And Israel has come to repentance at last
Their rejection of Jesus Messiah now passed.

The waves of the ocean are lapping the shore
And cast up a Beast who men will adore
The Beast with his heads, his crowns and his horns
Has a mouth full of words – as heaven he scorns

The Beast sees his chance at Russia’s retreat
To Siberia’s wastes in utter defeat
He views all the riches of Middle East oil
The mineral wealth and chemical spoil

But Israel must go they stand in his way
They trust in the Lord and hold him at bay
The Temple now built is filled every day
With praise to the Life the Truth and the Way.

What bitterness fills this Beast’s evil heart
The saints of the Lord and their Temple must part
No more must the lambs on the altar be laid
The Beast and his idol the Temple invade.

The saints of the Lord are fighting for life
They flee from the city because of the strife
For Antichrist’s idol now stands in God’s place
And orders are out the Jews to erase

Far, far away the kings of the East
Are preparing an army to move for the Beast
Euphrates is crossed we now hear their thud
As horses are riding in rivers of blood.

Then all of a sudden the heavens grow bright
The Lord is descending to enter the fight
The Beast and his prophet are taken at last
Alive into hell they both now are cast

The armies are scattered and slain by a sword
That comes from the mouth of our glorious LORD
His Glory is shining more bright than the sun
At last He has conquered, the victory’s won