John R Ecob

The day of God’s anger is the day of the Lord;
A day of thick darkness when wrath is outpoured;
A day of dark clouds and infinite gloom;
A day of remorse and terrible doom.

The day of the Lord has been in the past,
When God’s patience with Israel had run out at last;
The Babylonians descended just like a cloud
The Temple and city were levelled and ploughed.

But worse is to come in days just ahead;
The horsemen are mounted, white, black and red.
The pale horse too will introduce death
In the day of the Lord; the words of God’s breath.

The Great Tribulation is what we are told,
Is poured out by heaven as judgments unfold;
The Lamb on the throne has taken the book;
The seals are now broken and heaven can look.

The day of God’s anger is the wrath of the Lamb,
When into the caves and holes men will cram
And cry to the rocks, Fall down on us now!
Every mouth must confess Him and every knee bow!

Oh, how can we know when this day will come;
What sign has been given, please tell me the sum;
The thief in the night will catch up fr om earth
The blood-washed redeemed, who’ve had second birth.

When loved ones are missing, the rich and the poor,
You’ll know by the clothes they’ve left on the floor .
Then, only then, will you know your sad fate
You’ll cry out with fear – you’ve left it too late.

Oh, enter the door of God’s mer cy and love;
Be ready for Jesus who comes from above.
Repent and believe His mercy is free;
He paid all your debt on mount Calv-ary

But can I be sure of God’s marvellous grace,
That one day I’ll look on His glorious face?
Yes, Yes you can know, be certain and sure;
His Word gives His promise of life evermore.

My doubts are all gone I’m looking above;
My Saviour is coming in infinite love.
In a moment of time He’ll take home His Bride,
The trumpet will sound, I won’t need to hide.

And so shall I be forever with Him,
Though now my poor vision of Him may be dim.
Then in God’s presence and glorious light,
My eyes shall behold Him – Oh wonderful sight!