Many are confused about Bible prophecy yet if we rightly divide the word of truth  the plan of God is perfectly clear. The following is a summary. 

  1. The Church age concludes when the “fulness of the Gentiles” comes in (Rom.11:25).  
  2. God has determined 7 years on the Jews and Jerusalem in order to “finish the  transgression”, i.e. bring the nation to repentance and “bring in everlasting righteousness” (Dan.9:24). There can’t be a millennial kingdom without a redeemed Israel! 
  3. Two events are signs to the Jews that the last 7 years has come. Christians will  disappear at the Rapture of the Church and a European leader will sign a security  agreement allowing Jews to rebuild the Temple where two Jewish prophets preach for  1,260 days. Both signs occur simultaneously. (Dan.9:27; Luke 17:34-36; Matt.24:40-42). 
  4. The 7-year Tribulation is described in Revelation chs 6 to 18 chronologically. Also in  Isaiah chs.24 to 27. Seven Seal judgments are followed by 7 Trumpet judgments and  the 7 “last plagues” are 7 Vial (bowl) judgments in the second half of the Tribulation. 
  5. Immediately after the Rapture, 144,000 Jewish men will be saved and preach  the Gospel of Christ’s coming kingdom in “all the world”(Matt.24:14). These are the  “firstfruits” of Israel and are martyred by the mid-point of the Tribulation (Rev.14:1-5). 
  6. Egypt (“the king of the south” Dan.11:40) will invade Israel and Israel and Antichrist  as the leader of Europe, will destroy Egypt. Many Muslims turn to Christ (Dan.11:40-43;  Isaiah ch.19:18-25). This is another “Arab” war led by Egypt. 
  7. Islam is angered. Russia leads Turkey, Iran, Libya & Sudan into Israel (Ezek.38/39).  Europe stands aside (Dan.11:44) and 2/3 of Jews in the land perish (Zech.13:9) before the  remnant seek the Lord and “all Israel” is saved (Ezek.39:22-29; Jer.31:34, Rom.11:26).  God then destroys Islam and Russia (Rev.6:12-17). Russia and the isles are burned  (Ezek.39:6) and 1/6 of their army flee to Siberia (Joel 2:20). This concludes the Seal  judgments. 
  8. Four environmental Trumpet judgments devastate 1/3 of land and seas (Rev.8:1-13). 9. The bottomless pit releases demons and the European leader is demon possessed.  He becomes “the Beast” or “Antichrist” and seeks to destroy the godly Jews(Rev.9:1-11). 
  9. The Great Asian war will slay 1/3 of men at the 6th Trumpet judgment (Rev.9:13-21). 11. At the midpoint of the 7 years the Beast moves into the Jewish Temple claiming to  be God and establishes global government with the “mark of the beast” (Rev.chs.10-14). 
  10. The “7 last plagues” are Vials poured out on the kingdom of the Beast (Rev.15-16);  Israel is protected (Rev.12:6,14); fights for survival (Zech.12) and welcomes Christ at His  coming in glory “when He will return from the wedding” (Luke 12:36; Isa.25:9). 
  11. Rome is burned (Rev.17-18); the Beast cast into the lake of fire (Rev.19:20); Christ  will return (Rev.19); All Israel will be regathered to the land (Matt.24:31) and Gentiles  will appear before Christ’s throne (Matt.25:32). The “sheep” inherit the kingdom; the  “goats” go to the lake of fire (Matt.25:34,41) and the Tribulation martyrs are raised to  reign with Christ (Rev.20:4) for 1,000 years before there is an eternal new heavens and  new earth (Rev.chs.21-22).