John Ecob 

A GREAT DEAL of scientific  investigation has gone into the  cause of earthquakes in an attempt  to predict where and when they may  occur. 

Scientists have discovered that the  crust of the earth is made up of plates  and these plates are fractured and the  plates apparently are moving.  

Some plates slide against each other;  some slide under or over other plates  while some plates are moving away  from each other. 

When plates move apart this allows  molten magma to rise and fill the  gap. When plates slide or collide  they release energy and shock waves  pass through the surface of the earth  causing foundations of buildings to  move horizontally. If the shock wave  is large enough it can topple tall  buildings, open up wide cracks in the  earth’s surface or cause a tsunami. 

Geologists can identify evidence of  great rifts in the crust of the earth  and some promote the “continental  drift theory” otherwise known as the  “tectonic plate theory”. 

It has been observed that the west  coast of Europe and Africa has a similar  profile to the east coast of the American  continent and the German scientist,  Afred Wegener, early in to 20th century  wrote a paper suggesting that at some  time in the past, all the continents were  joined but over time they drifted apart.  

Since the tectonic plates move only  inches per year it would take millions  of years for America to join with Africa  and this suited the evolutionists. 

But what if there was a global  cataclysmic event? Could the  geography of the earth be changed  suddenly? The Biblical Flood could  provide the explanation. 

There is no doubt the earth’s crust has  moved. At the time of the Flood the  highest mountain was Mount Ararat  and it is 16,878 feet above sea level  and we can be sure that that was  approximately its height before the  Flood because the ice cap produced at  the South Pole remained at just a bit  lower at 13,411 feet which is what one  would expect as the waters receded  after the Flood. 

Also we know the total amount of water  on the earth’s surface today and it has  been estimated at 342 million cu.miles. 

We also know that the oceans now  cover 72% of earth’s surface and that  Mount Everest is about 29,000 feet  high which is quite a bit higher than  Mt Ararat. Geologists believe that the  Himalayan Mountains have been thrust  up by the Indian plate over the China  plate. The deep trenches around  the perimeter of the Pacific and the  vast number of undersea volcanoes  all speak of a very active earth crust  and testify of great changes in earth’s  surface in the past. 

The core of the earth has been  estimated to have a temperature of  6,0000C and much of the earth is molten magma. When volcanoes  explode the magma rises to the surface  creating new islands in the oceans or  raising the level of the land. 

If the earth was covered by a global  Flood as described in the Bible which  we believe to be true, then we would  expect that vast amounts of vegetation  and creatures would have been buried  and this is exactly what we find in the  fossil record. The coal deposits, natural  gas deposits and oil are decomposed  vegetation and sea creatures and this  had to happen suddenly. Only a global  Flood could produce this.  

Once we accept that God is the Creator  of the universe there is no problem  with believing that He could change  what He made and move the plates of  the earth. He created the universe by  the “word of His power” and can move  the crust of the world by His spoken  word also. 

An evaluation of the amount of water  on earth surface today and the amount  that must have covered the earth at  the Flood will soon show that the earth  must have been smaller at some stage  in the past and it has expanded at some  point in time which could give credence  to the continental drift theory. The  difference is that it happened suddenly  and not over millions of years. 

Does God Cause Earthquakes? 

The question then arises, Is God responsible  for earthqakes? Is He controlling the  movement of earth’s plates? 

If we look at history we find in the Divine  record of the Bible that again and  again God caused physical calamities  to occur as acts of judgment. Job  stated that hail was “reserved against  the time of trouble, against the day of  battle and war” (Job 38:23). God sent  hail on the land of Egypt at the time of  the Exodus. 

David remembered an occasion  when “the earth shook and trembled;  the foundations of heaven moved  and shook, because He was wroth” (2Sam.22:8). The walls of Jericho fell  when Israel blew the trumpets and  when Russia comes into the land in the  first half of the Tribulation there will be  “a great shaking in the land of Israel… 

and the mountains shall be thrown  down, and the steep places shall fall”  (Ezek.38:19-20). 

Josephus claims that when Uzziah  went into the Temple to offer incense  there was a great eathquake. He gives  details and states that the Temple was  damaged:  

“Half the mountain broke off from the  rest on the west, and rolled itself four  furlongs, and stood still at the east  mountain till the roads as well as the  King’s gardens were spoiled by the  obstruction” (Antiq.Book 9, ch.10). 

But Amos prophesied in the reigns of  Uzziah and Jeroboam II, “two years  before the earthquake” (Amos 1:1).  The fact that Amos refers to THE  earthquake might indicate there was  only one earthquake in the days of  Uzziah and this would suggest that  Josephus was wrong when he placed  the earthquake at the end of Uzziah’s  reign. Jeroboam II died in the 14th  year of Uzziah’s 52-year reign and he  was struck with leprosy at the end of  his reign. Josephus was also wrong  when he states that Uzziah was not  buried with the kings of Israel but “by  himself in his own garden”.  

The Bible states: “They buried him  with his fathers in the city of David” (2Kings 15:7).

Zechariah foretold that when the Lord  returns there will be a great earthquake  that will split the Mount of Olives and  create a great valley all the way to the  Dead Sea. And that’s not all: 

“All the land shall be turned as a  plain from Geba to Rimmon south  of Jerusalem: and it shall be lifted  up, and inhabited in her place” 


Geba is just north of Jerusalem and  Rimmon is about 15 km north of  Beersheba so there will be a plateau  about 65 km long raised up by the  earthquake that occurs when Christ  returns (Zech.14:10). The Apostle John  tells us that this earthquake will be  the greatest ever experienced in the  history of mankind (Rev.16:18). 

There is no doubt that God creates  earthquakes. They are not just  accidents of nature. The forces of  nature are controlled by the Creator  of the universe and He shows His 

displeasure in acts of judgment using  the laws of nature which he established  and which He controls. Even floods  and droughts are ordained by God. 

Nothing can happen without His power. 

The timing of earthquakes is proof that  God controls them. When Jesus was on  the cross bearing the sins of the world,  there was darkness for three hours and  at the end of that time Jesus cried “It  is finished!” The work of redemption  was complete and a full and perfect  atonement had been made for our sins.  At that moment “the earth did quake,  and the rocks rent; and the graves were  opened” (Matt.27:51-52). 

Three days later, early in the morning  another earthquake, an after shock, struck  Jerusalem and Jesus’ tomb was opened  by an angel (Matt.28:2). Coincidence? I  think not. 

When Jesus was asked about signs of  the end of the age and of His coming He  replied: 

Nation shall rise against nation, and  kingdom against kingdom: and there  shall be famines, and pestilences, and  earthquakes, in divers places(Matt.24:7). 

Once the Rapture has taken place this  world will be plagued with earthquakes  like it has never seen before and they will  be sent by God upon a world that is ripe  for judgment. 

Surely, with these facts in mind it becomes  obvious that it is a prudent thing to do to  seek the Lord before the Rapture. Today  God is lovingly entreating all to seek  Christ and to shelter from the judgment  to come by placing ones trust in Him. His  coming is drawing near and we know not  the day or hour. Don’t put it off. You may  be too late. Jesus said: 

“Be ye ready also: for the Son of man  cometh at an hour when ye think not” (Luke 12:40).