THERE IS NO DOUBT that there is a  population explosion occurring and  this has sounded alarm bells among  the elite of this world. So much so  that some of these self-proclaimed  experts have taken action to curb the  population growth rate. 

As far back as 1980 the Chinese  Government introduced the “one-child”  policy. We have read of bus loads of  women being taken to the abortion  clinics to dispose of their surplus child.  It is reported there were 336 million  abortions in China over the last 40  years! The loss of all those babies has  proved a disaster for China and they  have been forced to abandon the one child policy. 

But China is not the only country  pushing the abortion barrow. The  US, under Democrat Governments  has contributed millions of dollars to  countries to finance abortion clinics  in an attempt to curb the population  explosion. For a while, under the Trump  Administration, those funds were cut  off but under the Biden Administration  they have been restored. 

So serious do some of the world’s elite  view the population explosion that  some have suggested the sustainable  level of world population was only half  a billion and it is reported they would  like to take measures to cut back the  number of people on planet earth by  making people infertile, birth control,  

aborting babies and by other means. It  has been argued that the earth simply  cannot support a large population and  this is used to justify the genocide of  hundreds of millions of unborn babies.  But is this true? 

When God created man on earth He  gave a command to “be fruitful and  multiply and replenish the earth and  subdue it” (Gen.1:28). After the Flood  God told Noah, “Be fruitful and multiply  and replenish the earth” (Gen.9:1). The  same command was given to Jacob in  Gen.35:11. 

Would God command men to multiply  the population if it was not possible  to support a large population? Just  how large a population could the earth  support? 

We should note that the command to  multiply the population was linked  to the words “and subdue it”. It was  a twofold command to increase the  population and to subdue the land so  that it could support the population. 

The fact is that there is no limit to how  many people could live on planet earth  if men obeyed the Word of God. Vast  areas of land are undeveloped and if  these were developed there would  be no starvation. Nobody would go  hungry and all would be taken care of.  The problem is that men have refused  to subdue the earth and cultivate it for  the good of their fellow man. 

In Australia, for decades we have heard  the cry for development of dams and  flood mitigation schemes that could  supply a steady flow of water into the  dry interior to open up vast irrigation  systems and become the food basket  for Asia but it has all fallen on deaf ears.

The Greens and the left wing of politics  have been so concerned about the  environment that any attempt to build  a dam can’t get past the environmental  impact study stage. Either the brown  spotted frog or some red billed bird  might lose their habitat and that is  more important than feeding millions  of starving human beings! Thus  billions of dollars are spend on useless  environmental projects that make  politicians rich. It has been estimated  conservatively that the Greens  program is annully costing the world  $1.5 Trillion dollars and it’s reported  Al Gore collects a salary of $2 million  per month. Dollars that could alleviate  the hunger of all the poor nations  immediately.  

Then there is the expenditure on arms.  There is no doubt that we need a strong  military but why? If men obeyed God’s  command then there would be no  wars and no need for vast armaments.  Expenditure on defense in 2022  world-wide was $2.113 Trillion dollars.  These two items alone if diverted to  subduing the earth and turning barren  country into irrigated farming land and  pastures for stock would more than  supply the food needs of the world  population and there is no limit to what  could be produced. New methods of  farming have increased productivity  enormously so that it only needs  obedience to God’s command and  there is no limit to the population earth  can support. God didn’t put a limit on it  so why should we? 

But we live in a real world where sin  rules in mens’ lives. God is not in all  their thoughts and the political scene  has become the nest of individuals  who live for personal gain. Graft and  corruption abounds. 

In February 2023 international  conferences were held on the Sunshine  Coast, the Gold Coast, Sydney and  Melbourne attended by thousands of  people and Clive Palmer shared how  that when the Covid plague began,  before there was a vaccine, he scoured  the world and purchased a drug that  would have been effective treatment  for Covid sufferers. He purchased more  than 30 million doses for Australia and  gave $1 million for research but the  big Pharmacy companies ruled. He  indicated that all 30 million doses were  destroyed by the Government and  the million dollars was never repaid.  Instead vaccines were produced that  never stopped people from getting  Covid but made billions of dollars for  the big Pharmaceutical Companies. 

God’s command to subdue the earth  involves using all its resources. God  put the coal, iron, uranium, gas etc there  for us to use. He controls the weather  and he determines when the wind will  or will not blow, He determines when it  will rain or when there will be drought.  He sends the cloudy days. Foolish  men cannot subdue the weather to  provide a constant flow of power in  the electricity grid. But God has given  abundant supplies of coal, gas and  uranium to guarentee a steady flow  of electricty for homes and industry  and He meant us to use all of these  resources. 

The crowds that crucified the Lord  Jesus cried,  

“We will not have this man to reign  over us” and today they refuse to obey  God’s command to “subdue the earth”.  The consequence will be the same.  Judgment is coming.

– John R Ecob DD