Author unknown

In Genesis the world was made by God’s creative hand,
In Exodus the Hebrews marched to gain the Promised Land.
Leviticus contains the law – holy, just, and good,
Numbers lists the tribes enrolled – all sons of Abraham’s blood.
Moses, in Deuteronomy, recounts God’s mighty deeds.

Then Joshua, to Canaan’s land the host of Israel leads.
In Judges, Israel’s rebellion, oft times provoked the Lord to smite,
But Ruth records the faith of one well pleasing in His sight.
In First and Second Samuel, of Jesse’s son we read,
Ten tribes in First and Second Kings, revolted from his seed.
The First and Second Chronicles see Judah captive made,

But Ezra leads a remnant back, with Artaxerxes’ aid.
The city walls of Zion Nehemiah builds again,
Whilst Esther saves her people, from wicked Haman’s men.
In Job we read how faith should live, beneath affliction’s rod,

And David’s Psalms are precious songs to every child of God.
The Proverbs, like a goodly string of choicest pearls appear,
Ecclesiastes teaches man how vain all things are here.
In Song of Songs, King Solomon exalts sweet Sharon’s rose,

Whilst Christ the Saviour and the King, the rapt Isaiah shows.
The warning Jeremiah, apostate Israel scorns,
His plaintive Lamentations their awful downfall mourns.
Ezekiel tells, in wondrous words, how Israel is restored,
Whilst Daniel sees the empires fall, before the sovereign Lord.

Of judgment and of mercy, Hosea loves to tell,
And Joel speaks of future days when Christ will come to dwell.
Among Tekoa’s herdsmen, Amos heard God’s call,
Whilst Obadiah prophesies of Edom’s final fall.
Jonah enshrines a wondrous type of Christ our risen Lord,
But Micah shows how Judah lost, one day will be restored.
Nahum declares, on Nineveh just judgment shall be poured,
The solemn warnings then forgot had been at last ignored.

A view of Chaldea’s coming doom, Habakkuk’s visions give,
And Zephaniah warns the Jews to turn, repent, and live.
Haggai wrote to those who saw the temple built again,
And Zechariah prophesied that Christ would come to reign.
Malachi was last to touch the high prophetic chord,
Its final notes sublimely show the coming of the Lord.

Then were four hundred silent years, till John the Baptist came
To tell the world the Lamb had come to die and bare our blame.
Matthew, Mark, and Luke and John, the holy gospels wrote,
Describing how the Saviour died, His life, and all He taught.

Acts prove how God the apostles owned, with signs in every place,
And Paul in Romans teaches us how man is saved by grace.
The Apostle, in Corinthians instructs, exhorts, reproves;
Galatians shows that faith in Christ alone our sin removes.
Ephesians speaks of heavenly wealth, of walk and how to war,
And Philippians exhorts us to rejoice for evermore.
Colossians tells of Christ our head, and us His body made;
We’ve risen with Him to glory bright, so never let it fade.

One Thessalonians says we rise in clouds, for some will never die,
And Two Thessalonians reveals Him come, in flaming fire on high.

First Timothy prescribes which men should properly take the lead,
But Second Timothy declares latter times are dark indeed.
Titus tells of blessed hope for which all saints should look,
And Philemon is to show God’s love, according to His Book.

Hebrews expounds how Christ fulfilled the law while here below,
And James has taught that by my works the faith I have must show.
One Peter is for suffering saints and how on earth we live,
But Second Peter talks of prophecy that only God can give.

John, in three epistles, on love delights to dwell.
Jude, gives awful warning, of judgment, wrath, and hell.
The Revelation prophesies of that tremendous day,
The day of vengeance of our God, when God alone holds sway.

So now we have His Word complete, perfect in all its parts;
God’s Truth is there revealed to us, and enters open hearts.
Naught can be added to this Word, and those who would so dare
Will never dwell with Him above, or in His glory share.
Lord, haste the day when thou shalt come, and all thy Word fulfil;
When men at last will bend the knee, and every soul obey thy will.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God,
a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,
rightly dividing the word of truth.
But shun profane and vain babblings…”
(2 Timothy 2:15).

“Preach the Word!”
(2 Timothy 4:2)