Author Unknown

Some came from far with gold, and myrhh
And incense for the Lord,
While shepherds brought their thankful hearts
And spread the news abroad.

Some gave Him shelter, clothing, food.
And some the love that cheers.
One gave to Him (‘twas all she could)
Her spikenard and tears.

And one his fish and barley bread
Right joyfully did bring.
One gave a colt, one palm leaves spread,
That He might ride as King.

One gave a seamless robe, how meet,
And one an upper room.
One gave the Lord a winding sheet,
And one a new made tomb.

And as His earthly life He led
ln old Jerusalem,
He took gifts graciously and said
“The Lord hath need of them.”

So still the Lord hath need of these;
The gifts that men can bring;
Our lives, our wealth, our services,
Are welcomed by our King.