John Ecob

One taken and the other left,
Two souls in bed and still fast asleep.
One taken and another left,
Two in the field out minding the sheep.
One taken and the other left,
Two in a factory at work for their keep.
Oh what does this mean? I need now to know.
Who are the “taken” and where do they go?

Those who are taken are “received to Himself”,
While those who remain are left on the shelf.
Those who are taken rise up above,
The Bridgroom is calling in tones full of love.
The cry will go out, to come up higher
While those that are left are deceived by the Liar.
But some will repent and turn to the Lord,
While Israel seeks peace and signs the accord.

The eagles are such an example of this,
They look for the updrafts, and rise up in bliss.
Free from this world they glide through the Sky,
We watch them in wonder and but never ask why.
Perhaps its because they just like to fly
and look from above as the earth passes by.
Whatever it is, they teach us to know,
That we too will rise if cleansed, whiter than snow.

How awful to think of those left behind,
For judgment is coming and men are so blind.
They live for the present, without God in mind,
The Rapture will happen and then they will find,
The world will erupt; peace will be gone;
Earthquakes and darkness where once the sun shone.
Christ now is pleading, Oh turn from your sin.
He died and He rose, the victory to win.