John R Ecob

Jesus is coming the signs are now clear,
The fig tree is budding and summer is near.

Knowledge increasing and men are so wise
Tribulation and anguish will come by surprise

Sin is abounding and men are in fear,
Dark days are upon us and judgment is near.

So many are hungry and many are dying,
In heaven God hears the sound of their crying.

Theologians make light of God’s holy Word,
Mocking the truth of the coming of the Lord.

Russia’s in chaos and choosing new bands
To come from the north into God’s holy lands.

Arabs are fuming , with hatred they look
On Jews now returning as told in God’s Book.

Europe is growing, one nation to be,
The Beast has his kingdom, the world will soon see.

China’s awaking, just watch as she grows,
The giant is arising as Asia well knows.

India’s army is growing apace
With ships planes and missiles, her neighbours to face.

Indonesia is fearful of India’s might,
She too is arming her millions to fight.

The Church is lukewarm and so well to do,
The harvest unreaped, the labourers few.

Wake up all you Christians there’s no time to sleep,
The Saviour is coming His promise to keep.

It may be at morning, it may be at noon,
Jesus is coming we believe it is soon.

Oh friend without Jesus now enter the gate,
Of mercy and pardon before it’s too late.

What stops you from trusting in Jesus alone,
He died on M’t Calv’ry your sin to atone.

He’s now gone to heaven and stands at the door,
To come as the Judge of the rich and the poor.

None shall escape Him, He is God over all;
He comes in great glory, it’s time now to call.

The sound of His shout and the long trumpet call,
Will ring through the heavens, oh don’t you recall.

The saints will be raptured with those who have died,
To be in His presence with joy multiplied.

Forever with Jesus in mansions above
The saints of all ages rejoice in His love.

How sad for this world so steeped in its sin,
As Christians ascend, Tribulation begins.

The Beast then revealed, will tell his great lie,
And men wear his sign, or else they must die.

No buying, no selling without the Beast’s name,
Firmly implanted in each human frame.

But those who would worship such idols as his,
Must suffer in hell for e-ternal years.

The Spirit and Bride urge you just now,
To bend your proud knee, before Him to bow.

Lord Jesus I know I’m a sinner indeed,
Sin has enslaved me, for freedom I plead.

I long for your mercy and pardon and grace,
And one day to look on your Glorious Face.

Come now Lord Jesus, and enter my heart,
It’s your’s now and ever to fill every part.